Samurai World

Samurai World


Samurai World would not be a big travel destination hit as West world was if it were brought to a reality. The experience for the casual goer will be disappointed by either losing countless times to highly trained samurai masters or being handed victories that they felt undeserved to them. Visitors can understand defeating a drunken untrained hillbilly, but it would be a travesty to defeat the highly trained, honorable samurai.

The way of the samurai is a path of discipline, honor and virtues. Something your average vacationer whose sole desires are to experience the pleasures, instead of the grueling work and dedication needed to be a samurai would not enjoy. On top of that, the mastery of sword fighting is an art that takes years to gain a grasp of. Samurai World doesn’t make sense as an experience for your casual goer, unless they were to visit as casual folk or programmed into as royalty. But the experience is destroyed once they begin to combat with a samurai. Contrary to West world, where you accept that you just beat an untrained outlaw who was probably drunk.

There would also be a group of confrontational real life swordsman who might feel the need to make a display of the hosts, then shame lesser capable guests who aren’t up to skill. It sounds beautiful from an idea standpoint, but it doesn’t sound as enjoyable or understandable for an all around enjoyable standard guest experience like west world had.

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