Lean All the Way Back.

Lean All the Way Back.


Negan from The Walking Dead is one of the best television characters in recent memory. Most people usually gravitate to characters they relate to, that please them, gives them hope and has depth to their personality. Negan is none of those things, nothing about his is relatable, he is one of the most selfish and controlling television characters.


He does not aim to please the audience, even his visible or lack of flaws isn’t pleasing. His largest flaws the writers made is that he creates an enemy with every single character within the show, especially with the ones closest to him. Some view that as a negative, but having everyone around you being negative and toxic, while you are the iron fist supreme ruler alleviates pressure. If you take Negan down, then one of his just as unlikable underlings will come to power.


Negan is a direct adaptation from comic to television, from his patterns of speech, way of verbalizing lines and personal quirks. My best description for Negan’s personality profile would be if a group of comic book nerds sat around, wrote down traits that they all hate and envy. Then formed all of those traits into one character.


In a world full of darkness, violence and zero hope. Negan is a bright light of joy and laughter, with his absurd statements, predictable mannerisms and his unnatural line delivery timing.

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